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Gloveboxes Group offers customers a wider range of services, gloveboxes, gas purification systems and isolators.

This specialized focus on containment is changing the approach of controlled atmosphere protection and the operator’s safety. Gloveboxes Group offers turn key solutions for products’ protection or the operators’ safety.

Gloveboxes Group - Three Companies, One Outstanding Expertise

Inert, Erea and Jacomex have their own background of unique engineering mastery specific to each company. The strategic integration as a whole allows the new group to cover all sectors where controlled atmospheres, safiest and qualitative containment are essential.

Inert (formerly Innovative Technology) has unparalleled technical expertise in solvent purifiers, crucial for the safety of chemical laboratories, pure gas management and purification systems, glove boxes used in thin film deposition techniques (OLEDs, organic photovoltaics, semiconductors, nanotechnologies, lithium batteries, etc.) and additive manufacturing.

Inert has a strong presence and command in the industrial and research communities on the American continent and internationally.

Jacomex has built a strong reputation for decades in the nuclear sector thanks to its expert precision, exceptional stainless steel boiler making, and the safety of its glove boxes for the operator’s protection.

It regularly supplies isolators in the pharmaceutical and medical sector, and specializes in highly controlled and regulated atmospheres in glove boxes for chemistry, physics and biotechnology. Long-standing experience in the advanced industrial and titanium welding sectors has resulted in acute knowledge of the scientific world -with excellent coverage of the European and Indian market.

EREA Pharma offers a complete range of isolators, laminar flows, safety cabinets, weighing stations, transfer trolleys equipped with LAF (Laminar Air Flow), generally all equipment requiring ultra air conditioning. Mainly for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

EREA defines its products in full compliance with current pharmaceutical regulations and deploy a strategy focused on proximity and customer service. EREA offers its customers strong skills in sterile and / or toxic environments and offers tailor-made solutions that are best integrated into the units.


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